18 January 2024
Can you give us an introduction about yourself and your career aspirations?

I started as a linguistics student whose desire was solely to pursue language and the art of words, and naturally, I became a translator/interpreter after graduating. Later on, I switched to the publishing industry to which my background and experience benefited hugely.

After years of working, I’ve come to realize that I have never strictly worked as a linguist, but have always been in charge of managing the whole production/project process. I’ve constantly worked with different people, internal and external, overseeing the flow and the quality of our work. That was when I decided to further my education by taking a Master’s degree in Communication, and so far, I have not yet bored of it (😉).

I hope to continue being a communicator and coordinator – to synchronize people’s efforts for collective causes, and use my communication skills to deliver compelling messages to wider audiences.

What industry or field do you (want to) specialize in?


Can you share one interesting or fun fact about yourself?

The Twilight series has my heart, you can’t tell me otherwise.

Skills and Experiences

What unique skills or experiences do you bring to your professional field?

I am capable of integrating and balancing persuasiveness and stringency. I pay close attention to details and uphold high standards. However, as each person has a unique way of working (and possibly many deadlines and obligations), I try to encourage and give space for people to freely do their parts whilst closely monitoring the timeline and quality of work, so that I can quickly step in and pivot when needed.

Besides, I have a big interest in psychology which helps me tremendously in understanding people and being sensitive to the situation. As such, my cooperation with others is based on comprehension and appreciation, making it more efficient. This interest (and skill), moreover, also assists me in creating and delivering materials, either for marketing or corporate purposes.

What was your major or main area of study and which educational institution did you attend?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies from Hanoi University (Vietnam), and a Master’s degree in International Communication Management from The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

What languages can you speak fluently?

English and Vietnamese (mother tongue).

How does your cultural background or language skills enhance a workplace?

I am from Vietnam, a small Southeast Asian country, and like many of my peers who spend years learning a foreign (Western) language, I have been quite exposed to Western culture mostly via the media. Some people may say that we have been “Westernized”. What I appreciate deeply in Western culture is how people are encouraged to be independent and to confidently and comfortably have an opinion of their own. Yet, I also understand, and respect, (East) Asian’s high regard for the hierarchy and the mix of professional and personal relationships. That is why I always try to give people space and encourage them to speak up, no matter where they are on the corporate ladder. I also genuinely care about the people I work with, but have no trouble maintaining a strictly professional connection if that is what they desire.

The differences across countries or big groups of cultures certainly exist. Yet, research looking into cross-cultural communication has also shown that differences among sub-groups of one culture can be more substantial than across cultures. Making the workplace more diverse in terms of culture (or ethnicity) is, in fact, way less scary than people might think. Personally, I believe in open-mindedness and respect with which we can overcome any dissimilarity or misunderstanding.

Professional Experience and Work Environment

Can you describe a project or task you are particularly proud of?

Back in 2016, I was hired to be the new all-around editor for an imprint in Vietnam, following its pressing need to switch to new genres. After much consideration, we decided to go for pop-science books, starting with a popular American title in psychology which was gaining more attention among youngsters.

Apart from the quality of the translation and editing, a lot more goes into bringing out a book. The cover, as well as layout design, and Vietnamese title, was carefully created with our audiences in mind – young adults to late 20s or even early 30s. We chose to make the visual aspect of the book fun and quirky to draw in our target readers, and to evoke excitement, associating it with new knowledge, rather than seriousness and aridity which are often how people regard anything science.

We then partnered up with a popular psychology Facebook group in Vietnam to host a book launch event and a small gameshow at a book fair.

The book was a big hit, so much so that we decided to get the copyrights for its next installment. It was reprinted several times, and in a way, put our name on the publisher map of Vietnam.

The whole process was definitely stressful, especially, as a business, financial outcomes were more or less the decisive factor in our survival. Still, being able to bring knowledge and new and beneficial books to the Vietnamese market was what kept our team focused and working harder day after day.

Describe your ideal team or work environment. What qualities do you look for in a company or team?

I believe respect is a solid foundation for any relationship, personal or professional. Thus, a respectful environment where everyone is regarded and appreciated equally is what I look for in a workplace, and what I’d like to create for my team.

I have grown close to many of my colleagues, so people who are open to getting to know their co-workers or taking part in non-work related activities with their teammates are those I can vibe with the most.

Why do you think diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace?

I believe it’s a human right to be included regardless of our backgrounds or other factors, such as gender or age (when applicable of course, heavy labor should not be subjected to the elderly or children!).

With the world changing constantly, diversity brings in power from individuals and individuality. The knowledge, experience, perspective, and insights gathered from people of various groups, and subgroups, can boost creativity, providing fresh and inclusive solutions. A diverse workplace is not a matter of being politically correct, but in fact, an economical one. Our audiences are diverse, and to successfully reach that diverse group, we need to see things through their points of view. And what’s a better way to do that than to have a set of diverse teams in-house?

Experience with Blended Capital

What has been your experience using the Blended Capital platform?

The registration process was quick and easy. The website is really easy to navigate. I have not yet been lucky with the job search on this platform, but good things take time 😉.

Closing Thoughts

What would you like potential employers to know about you that your resume doesn’t tell?

I can make people feel comfortable and welcome. That helps me work easily with others and adapt quickly to new environments.

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