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How It Works

Create Your Company Profile

Talents can take a look at the company profile and get to know more about your company.

Use Tokens To Contact Talents.

Filter in numerous ways to find the best suitable talent. Found one? Use a token to apply!

Is There A Mutual Match?

Plan interviews with the talent and good luck with your new employee!

Talents from all over the world.

Talents from all over the world.

We’ve selected the best talents from all over the world to help you further.

  • With diverse talents, we ensure a fit for every company.

  • Only use tokens on talents who meet your qualifications.

  • Fast support when needed.

Not sure yet? Get in contact with us and we will help you.


Apply to multicultural talents


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Per month

Efficiently hire diverse talents

What’s included:
  • Full access to our talent pool
  • 10 tokens / month
  • Post max. 2 vacancies
  • Price per hire: € 750 excl. VAT

More needs?

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Making Diversity Work

Talk to us:
  • About how Blended Capital can help your company

Frequently asked questions

We have outlined the most common questions for you.

What is Blended Capital?2024-02-15T11:57:58+00:00

Blended Capital is a platform designed to connect companies in the Netherlands with multicultural talents holding HBO and WO degrees. We offer a diverse pool of skilled individuals for your hiring needs.

How can my company join Blended Capital?2024-05-01T14:52:49+00:00

Joining Blended Capital is easy! Simply click here or the “Login or Sign Up” button, sign up and fill in the company profile. This will grant you access to our talent database and the ability to post vacancies and send applications to potential candidates.

What are the benefits of using Blended Capital?2024-01-26T12:29:46+00:00

By using Blended Capital, you gain access to a wide range of multicultural talents, helping you diversify your workforce and tap into unique skill sets. Our platform streamlines the recruitment process, making it efficient and targeted.

What are the tokens I get each month?2024-05-16T10:05:34+00:00

Tokens are a specialized currency for companies on our platform, allowing them to efficiently connect with a diverse talent pool. This system ensures that resources are used effectively, with tokens being spent only upon mutual interest between the company and the candidate.

Note: Unused tokens do not carry over to the next month, encouraging active engagement.

How do I use tokens?2024-05-16T10:02:53+00:00

Apply to talents: Use a token to apply to a talent, which is redeemed when the talent accepts the chat.

Can my company post job vacancies on Blended Capital?2024-03-12T13:25:58+00:00

Absolutely! You can post job vacancies on our platform, making them visible to our pool of multicultural talents. This allows you to showcase your company’s opportunities to potential candidates.

Note: You do not use credits to accept applications on vacancies, enabling a straightforward connection with potential candidates.

Can I customize my company’s profile on Blended Capital?2023-10-17T15:32:04+00:00

Yes, you can customize your company profile to highlight your company’s culture, values, and the type of talents you’re looking for. A compelling company profile can attract the right talents to your organization.

How does the application process work?2024-02-15T12:07:13+00:00

You can send applications directly to talents whose profiles align with your job requirements. If a talent is interested, the chat invite will be accepted and the provided instructions for the application process can be followed.

How do I get more tokens or vacancies?2024-05-16T10:02:07+00:00

To get more tokens or vacancies, it is advisable to call or email your contact within our organization. This way, we can discuss your specific needs and tailor the next steps for changing your account preferences in a way that best supports your recruitment goals.

What should I do if there’s a match?2024-05-01T15:06:37+00:00

Congratulations! If a Talent has accepted your job offer, inform Blended Capital by email within seven (7) days.

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