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Carefully selected companies

Carefully selected companies

We’ve carefully selected companies that are involved on our platform to offer you your dreamjob!

  • Gain visibility among top companies actively seeking diverse talent.

  • Exclusive job opportunities tailored to your unique skills and background.

  • Fast support when needed.

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Frequently asked questions

We have outlined the most common questions for you.

What is Blended Capital?2024-02-15T12:33:24+00:00

Blended Capital is a platform that connects multicultural talents with job opportunities in the Netherlands. We specialize in helping individuals with HBO and WO degrees find suitable positions, including full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships.

How do I create a profile on Blended Capital?2023-10-17T15:21:39+00:00

Creating a profile is easy! Simply click on the “Login or Sign Up” button and provide your relevant information, including your educational background, skills, work experience and more. This will help companies discover your profile and connect with you.

Is Blended Capital free to use for talents?2023-10-17T15:22:05+00:00

Absolutely! Our services for talents are completely free of charge. You can explore job vacancies, receive company applications, and connect with potential employers without having to pay for it.

How do companies find me?2024-02-15T12:34:17+00:00

Companies looking for talented individuals like you can browse our talent database and send you applications directly through the platform. This allows you to consider various job opportunities that match your skills and interests. You can accept or decline a conversation with a company.

What types of job opportunities are available on Blended Capital?2023-10-17T15:23:17+00:00

We offer a variety of job opportunities, including full-time positions, part-time roles, and internships. You can select the type of job that suits your preferences and career goals.

Can I edit my profile after creating it?2023-10-17T15:23:50+00:00

Yes, you can edit and update your profile at any time. Keeping your information accurate and up-to-date helps companies get a better understanding of your qualifications.

How do I apply for jobs on Blended Capital?2023-10-17T15:25:17+00:00

Companies can directly send you applications, or you can explore job vacancies posted on the platform. If you’re interested in a position proposed by a company, send them a message and follow the application instructions provided by the company.

What should I do if there’s a match?2024-02-15T12:39:37+00:00

Congratulations, good luck with your new position! When you accept an offer from a company, please inform Blended Capital by email within seven (7) days and make sure to update your profile! You don’t need to delete your profile, but just setting your profile to the ‘inactive’ state is enough. Whenever you want to pursue a different career, you can set your account to ‘active’ and you are visible again to potential employers.

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