9 April 2024
Can you give us an introduction about yourself and your career aspirations?

As a human-centered designer, I want to put end-users at the center of all strategic choices for businesses. Organizations are often siloed away from each other but also away from their end-users and customers. Through research, prototyping and strategic thinking, I help organizations go below delivering a product. I help them solve their customers’ problems and put in place systems that make them worthy of their customers’ loyalty.

What industry or field do you (want to) specialize in?

Service Design and User Experience Design

Can you share one interesting or fun fact about yourself?

I’m a long-distance runner and CrossFitter who loves dogs and cheese.

Skills and Experiences

What unique skills or experiences do you bring to your professional field?

Communication skills, I’m an experienced facilitator, interviewer and discussion moderator who enjoys being the voice of the customer but also working collaboratively with internal teams and stakeholders.

Research skills, customer interviewing, insight gathering and creation of actionable next steps.

Human-centered Design skills, as a Service Designer I use a wide range of design methodologies to discover, prototype and craft human-centered solutions to business and user experience challenges.

Project Management, as an entrepreneur and project leader, I have experience managing projects not only for an organizational and time allocation perspective but also a budgeting angle.

What was your major or main area of study and which educational institution did you attend?

My area of study is Design and I have a BA from the Willem de Koning Academy as well as certifications from Service Design Network, AJ+Smart and others.

What languages can you speak fluently?

English, Spanish and German, fluently. I’m proficient in Dutch.

How does your cultural background or language skills enhance a workplace?

Speaking several languages is a real asset. My background is multi-cultural being born and raised in Latin America, Ecuador and Mexico, but spending my entire adult live in Europe, Germany and the Netherlands. I have a deep understanding of cultural exchanges, I’m extremely adaptable and can empathize well with people.

Professional Experience and Work Environment

Can you describe a project or task you are particularly proud of?

Ran a week-long workshop with a major grocery store in Austria with participants from the US, UK, Germany and Austria. The workshop needed to be made hybrid last minute due to a German Wings strike, so we had to adapt to what we had. We still managed to hold an active and engaging decision-making workshop that was later duplicated in Australia.

Describe your ideal team or work environment. What qualities do you look for in a company or team?

A multi-disciplinary team with Juniors as well as Seniors and Leads, everyone brings something to the table. Access to areas to hold workshops, not everything needs to be in a conference room. An open and honest environment when the question: “What can I do more of or should stop doing to improve our experience together?” is welcome and encouraged.

Why do you think diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace?

We learn more when all voices are heard. Diversity and Inclusion keep us from entering an echo chamber and are crucial to generate more ideas and questions.

Closing Thoughts

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